Bench Woodworking Plans

Have you ever thought about creating a bench out of bamboo?  Well, now is the time to learn how to make a bamboo bench!

On a level rated easy to hard - this project  is easy for someone who has little experience working with wood.

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DIY doers will tell you that once you have developed an understanding of beginning to work with wood then everything that you learn going forward will get easier as all furniture that you decide to create (tables, beds, bookcases, cabinets, benches, etc.) basically follow the same guidelines of carpentry and construction.

All right, let's begin the project.  First you need to get your materials and tools ready.  You want to create a bamboo bench so you will need to purchase some synthetic bamboo.  Next, you need to get some wood glue to attach some parts of the bench, a large fiberboard that is medium density and a smaller fiberboard to cover the bench's legs. You will need to get some pine board which by the way is  a great choice for beginners in woodworking.

You need two types of saws to complete this project:  an everyday saw and a miter saw (this saw has a round blade and runs with electricity) to cut heavier wood. 

To make this  and any project easy on yourself, make sure you have good directions that you can follow easily along. Next, you should get a small screw gun and nail gun which would bring you faster results and less sweat equity.

Now to begin, the first step is to create the bench by placing the small and large fiberboard sheets together like a box to form the seat.

Use the longer sides for determining the length of the bench.  Now hammer two supports so that they go between and are equally spaced to support the bench. Next, cut boards to create a square to place at each corner of your box using small nails.  These square pieces will be perpendicular to the supports themselves.

All other spaces should coincide with the dimensions of the legs in the bench. Be sure to include your  fifth leg in the middle. This leg will support the middle of the bench so the bench will not break.

Next measure the squared spaces of each corner at the top of the bench and proceed to create the legs from the remaining fiberboard sheets. Use wood glue to strengthen the newly formed legs. 

With the legs firmly in place, brush a little adhesive on the top of the bench. Next measure and cut (using your miter saw) the bamboo piece that you need and place down firmly. There you have it - a new bench - so easy!